TWK Supreme Sensoring

TWK-ELEKTRONIK GmbH manufactures sensors and sensor solutions for the measurement of angles, inclinations, vibrations, accelerations and displacements in plant and machine construction. The products serve customers with very different needs and applications in a variety of industries. The Düsseldorf-based company specializes in the production of sensors for applications in sensitive hazardous areas. To this end, it develops innovative products that are functionally convincing and can be adapted to the individual needs of its customers.

For almost 60 years, TWK has been asserting itself in its field and bringing innovative sensor solutions to market worldwide. The company’s products serve its customers as the basis for various types of technological innovation projects. TWK’s growing product range is based on its many years of experience in the development, production and sale of sensors throughout the world. The company has not only committed itself to the quality and safety of its products, but also lives up to them. As a manufacturer of quality sensors, TWK feels it has a duty to ensure the functional safety of its products in particular.

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