Safe-Fire works with clients facing combustion challenges to develop innovative solutions that improve overall efficiency of their combustion systems.  Using innovative technologies, we help increase fuel efficiency, reduce emissions, and extend the equipment service life by giving operators greater understanding and control of the combustion environment.  Safe-Fire continues its efforts to a cleaner environment through its development of technologies to improve fuel efficiency and reduce emissions.

A quality experience end to end. 

We partner with you to ensure your ongoing success. Our experienced team of engineers design advanced solutions that are reliable, easy to use, and most importantly, safe. From the initial design stages, through on-site testing and installation, and finally, with direct support and assistance; everything we do is dedicated to achieving your complete satisfaction.

Access to the latest products and solutions.

Safe-Fire’s dedication to research and development keeps us at the forefront of new ideas and products that add value and save energy. We expand our line of products every few years to maintain a position of leadership within the global market and better serve your evolving needs.   At Safe-Fire, safe combustion is more than just our specialty—it is our passion.


Join our team

Safe-Fire Inc. is a global firm that specializes in delivering customized combustion solutions across multiple industries by optimizing flame discrimination and suitability to the boiler front environment.

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