In the world of thermal and industrial processes, PROMECON crosses new frontiers in the creation of accurate and reliable measurement systems, process data generation and plant optimisation.

  • We create digital online flow measurement systems for novel applications in thermal and industrial measurement and control processes.
  • We explore the physical limits of accurate flow measurement for gas and solid mass flows in regards to temperature, flow dynamics or multiphase flow.
  • We enhance complex control loops in order to take process control to a higher degree of control quality.
  • We produce accurate digital measurement devices, which measure, collect and transmit process data, the raw material for enhanced process control of thermal and industrial processes.

Our measurement systems are key components for our clients in order to achieve better environmental compliance, lower energy consumption, reduce maintenance cost and increase operational safety.

Our measurement systems make world leading OEM machinery, pollution control- and process components and -systems even better.

  • We understand industrial processes and put them into the focus of our instrument and technology development.
  • We are driven by speed of innovation, excellence in engineering, analysis and collection of process data for the satisfaction of our clients.
  • We have gained respect for the high quality, sophistication and reliability of our measurement systems and process optimisation tools in thousands of applications around the world.
  • We are a growing company seeking new talent and offering a creative work environment for professionals interested in exploring novel paths in measurement and process technology.

As a technology company with international markets and clients, we welcome people from different countries and cultures to join the team and grow our global business.

Besides our striving innovation, we have based our corporate policy on three pillars:
  • Our quality policy
  • Our employment and health policy
  • Our environmental policy
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