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 Technical Description

Product Overview
W-Flame is a fully integrated optical flame detection system ideal for single and multiple burner applications in the Petrochemical, Metallurgical, Power Generation and Pulp & Paper industries. It has been engineered to precisely detect the presence and intensity of coal, oil and gas burner flames. Whether it’s monitoring the main or igniter flame, the W-Flame relays valuable information such as flame status, flame intensity (4-20mA) and alarms which ensure maximum safety during all operating conditions.

 The W-Flame’s design, combines the scanner and amplifer into one assembly, eliminating the need for special cables and providing extreme protection from EMI and RFI. This feature helps to maintain signal integrity while controlling cost. The complete detector assembly operates at just 24VDC, avoiding the need to run wires carrying high voltage at the install site. As an option, the W-Flame detection system can also be pre-confgured to your specifc burner application which make it a truly plug and play device.

Key Feature

Superior Flame Detection                                                  Plug n Play

UV or IR flame Detection                                                  User-defned flame thresholds
Integrated design                                                                EFI and RFI immune