Trouble-free ignition

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MB-3 Rigid Igniter from Safe-Fire

Designed for safety and dependability in harsh environments
Safe-Fire’s MB-3 Igniter has been specifcally designed for boilers burning higher ash content coal or operating in harsh environments; it resists erosion from the harsh secondary air. Choose our MB-3, for a smooth, trouble-free ignition for large coal-fred boilers, particularly tangential fring types.

Using oil as the fuel, the MB-3 provides the versatility and efciency of a mechanical, air or steam atomized igniter, suitable for burner ignition and burner stabilization. Developed using Safe-Fire’s world-class R&D, high reliability, quality and efciency are ensured.

Designed for contemporary large-scale applications, Safe-Fire’s Rigid Igniter MB-3 is the smart choice where safety and dependability are paramount.

 Full of features

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Only the Safe-Fire Rigid Igniter
MB-3 can promise:
High ash content coal applications
Extended lifetime of the ignition system
Ease of maintenance, with strictly enclosed electronic limit switches

Quality components include

Oil gun assembly
Delivers fuel to the furnace, and can atomize oils of any standard without producing any flue gases. The assembly is comprised of the mount tube, flexible sleeve, flexible oil gun, swirler, oil gun pneumatic actuators and limit switches.
High capacity HESI Igniter
Ignites the atomized oil and includes the HESI igniter, specialized cable, igniter rod, igniter pneumatic actuator and limit switches.
Solenoid valve cabinet
Designed to be securely located away from the igniter body. Includes solenoid valve manifold, flter regulator, gauge, and electrical board.