Air Blower Assemblies - Safe Fire

Written by BTD
on 27 September 2017
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Air Blower Assemblies

 Safe-Fire manufacturers high performance Blower Assemblies for heavy duty applications. Whether it’s supplying clean cooling air to flame detectors or combustion air to igniter systems, our customers can depend on our feld-proven Blower Assemblies to provide safe and reliable operation.

All Blower Assemblies are custom made and engineered to fit each customer’s specifc application. Safe-Fire’s robust design is ideal for even the most demanding applications and environments.


Butterfly Valves
Control air flow and fne tune performance 

Local Control Station
Allows boiler operators to control the air flow from the burner front  

Special Coatings
Blowers will be able to function in corrosive, abrasive and/or high temperature environments  

Inlet Filters
Filter out particulate matter with either paper or reusable wired mesh flter  

Vibration Pads
Reducing vibration transmission  

Differential Pressure Switch
A safety device that monitors inlet and outlet pressure, notifying the operator of drastic pressure change