HONEYWELL 05701-A-0301 Single channel control card

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Manufacturer : Honeywell
Product No. : 05701-A-0301
Product type : Single Channel Control Card 4 – 20mA
Four-Part Liquid Display: Analogue Display: 25 segment. Digital Display: Four character. Message Display: Four character. Icon Section: Power On/Card Select.
LEDs: A1, A2, A3 gas alarms. Fault and Inhibit.
Push-Button: Alarm Reset/Card Select.
Alarm Setting Point Resolution: In 1% fsd steps.
Power Consumption: Catalytic: 3.75W (typical). (Includes Catalytic Sensor). 4 – 20mA: 3.25W (typical).
DC Supply: 18V to 32V dc.
Electronic Drift: Less than ±2% / 6 months.
Dimensions (LxWxH) : 17cm x 2.5cm x 11.2cm
Weight : 0.165 Kg
Condition: NEW
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