SF-300 Flame Scanner

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SF-300 Flame Scanner

Product Overview:

Safe-Fires SF-300 Flame Scanner, is a boiler safety device for single and multiple-burner boilers in the Power Generation, Petrochemical, Metallurgical, and Pulp & Paper industries. The scanner performs accurate detection ofburner flames at various stages of boiler startup and operation. Reducing the potential risk of boiler explosions due to unburned fuel building-up inside the boiler. The SF-300 Flame scanner ensures maximum safety and stability of boiler operations.

The SF-300 Flame Scanner converts a flames radiation into an electrical signal which is then transmitted to the SA-3000 Flame Amplifier for flame characterization. Safe-fire offers a UV or IR configurations for the flame scanners. The SF-300IR Flame Scanner and SA-3000IR Flame Amplifier are paired to detect coal and oil fuel flames. The SF-300UV Flame Scanner and SA-3000UV Flame Amplifier are paired to detect gas fuel flames.

• High temperature tolerance
• Superb flame discrimination
• Self-checking routine
• Fast, safe and convenient installation