SA-3000 Flame Amplifier

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SA-3000 Flame Amplifier

Product Overview:

The SA-3000 Flame Amplifier utilizes an advanced DSP microprocessor to deliver superior flame detection. It accurately distinguishes the pulse frequency generated by the target flame and is offered in a UV or IR configuration. Each amplifier features four flame detection profiles and transmits both digital and analog signals into a BMS system.

The SA-3000 Flame Amplifier can readily be incorporated into a computer network, using a specialized software. Allowing the user to link with up to 128 amplifiers and remotely monitor their flame statuses, as well as adjusting their flame detection parameters.

• DSP Microprocessor


• Complete digital menu operation

• Electronic self-checking function

• Mounts on a standard 19” Rack

• Flame and failure output relay

• Flame learning function

• Password protection

• Network capability