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Portable Temperature Measurement System

 Technical Description

Safe Fire’s TMS-0100 Portable Temperature Measurement System is designed to instantly map out individual burner flame temperature profles in a utility boiler. Through reliable and accurate measurements, this system is the corner stone to optimize the burner flame temperature distribution, which is benefcial to reducing fuel cost, NOx and CO emissions.

The TMS - 0100 Portable Temperature Measurement System consists of three primary components; the temperature detector, an air compressor, and a ruggedized laptop containing Safe Fire’s proprietary Rodin III software.

At the heart of the TMS system is the temperature detector. It takes dual spectrum readings of the target burner flame and transmits high resolution images to the ruggedized laptop via an Ethernet connection.

Rodin III collects the images for analysis and processing. Its graphical interface gives users the ability to view real-time temperature images and important statistical data over the selected target areas. With better than 1% accuracy, the portable TMS system provides the critical information to make burner optimization achievable.

 The air compressor provides a continuous flow of cooling air to the temperature detector. And, a wheeled workbench can be provided for safe and easy transport of the TMS equipment and necessary tools for normal operations.



High Accuracy

User-friendly software architecture

Adjustable detector stand

 Capable of Continuous operation