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on 03 October 2017
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A truly advanced and user friendly flame.

A truly advanced and user friendly flame detection system engineered for critical safety functions in the Power Generation, Petrochemical, Metallurgy, and Pulp & Paper industries.
Dual channel capabilities for IR, UV, or a combination UV and IR flame scanners provide flexibility to our customers. Each channel on the amplifer can store two user defned program fles to distinguish unique flame characteristics.
Safe-Fire’s EZ-Flame detection system performs accurate measurements on burner flames at various stages of boiler startup and during operation to deliver reliable performance in oil, gas, and coal-fred burner applications.

Highlighted Features:                                                      
Superb flame discrimination                                             Separate flame and failure relay outputs

UV, IR and mixed UV/IR Scanners                                 User defined flame thresholds

Dual-channel amplifer                                                       Simple and intuitive user interface

Optional fber optic cable assemblies                               2 selectable program fles per channel

Electronic self-checking routine                                        Explosion Proof models available

 Flame Scanner  

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